Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mackenzie Blue: The Secret Crush By Tina Wells Review #33

Author: Tina Wells
Publisher: HarperCollins
Reading Level: 9-12
Pages: 240
Mackenzie Blue has a crush! But how can she get Landon—the cutest boy in school—to notice her? The class's new rock-and-roll musical is her chance. Reasons why our musical is going to be amazing:

  1. I could be the star!
  2. Landon could be my co-star . . . which means we'll hang out together.
  3. Working on the sets, props, music, script, and costumes will be tons of fun.

There's so much to do, I'd better get started! Between her crush, the musical, and her friends—not to mention school work—Zee is torn in a thousand different directions. With all the real-life drama going on, will she lose sight of what's really important?

Mackenzie Blue returns again, with all her friends & foes, for another middle school adventure. This time her music class is putting on the performance and she has got the lead, and her crush Landon is her co-star. This is great for Mackenzie because now she gets to spend every waking minute with him, get close to him, and maybe through all this she'll get to become his girlfriend. So if you notice on my site, you might notice that I don't review a lot of MG books because I don't read them mainly. But I read a few series, series that are still making books that I read at that age and books that I find really good. Mackenzie Blue is one of those books that is very attractive and fun looking, so it's a must read. It has IM (instant messaging) conversations, pictures, text messages, and diary entries in the book so it makes it a fun, quick read. You feel like it's Christmas morning while reading theses. I have not reviewed the first book in the series.

Also a lot of things that happen in Mackenzie Blue is very realistic, and things that Zee (nickname for Mackenzie) is going through are things that I went through in middle school. Examples; having the popular girl hate you, being embarrassed of your parents, crushing on a boy, and having those friends that stick up for you no matter what. In middle school it seems so hard, then you get to high school and you wish you were back in middle school. It's fun for a junior in high school to read this. It certainly takes your mind off of problems you have in your life. Mackenzie blue series is funny and in the first book (this is the sequel) Mackenzie's diary gets stolen and everyone in school finds out some of her biggest secrets. Which, if happen to me, I would be as desperate as Mackenzie to get it back. Mackenzie Blue is your regular 12 year old, who wishes to be the next Taylor Swift & is a fashionista. She is a very good friend, but sometimes gets to be selfish and sidetracked. Me and Mackenzie are nothing alike, but the amazing thing is while reading both books you feel like your Mackenzie. Tina Wells does an amazing job of going into a middle school girl's mind and writing a book of those periods in life. Both books are fast paste, but I enjoyed this book more then the other one. It is also a simple, easy read so you don't have to think to much. So I really don't have to dive deeper into it. But again, I recommend (if I haven't said this before) to read the first one first. The only complaints I have about this book is that the conflict in the end with, I guess lets say, the antagonist was very unrealistic. I cannot imagine a 12 year old doing that, though maybe I don't know enough people to tell that. Also, I know my generation (and current 12 year olds) talk about this a lot, but I found it weird with Kathi liking her teacher. That was just not needed, especially for this series, no matter how realistic it is. It made me feel unsettle at times reading what she thought about her teacher.

In all this is a book I recommend to all, whether your 12, 16 or even 25. It's a relaxing read with unique, fun dialogue and emotion that comes through to the readers. Yours truly,


Shweta said...

Great review. I think this will be a fun book to read

Melissa said...

Great review! This sounds like a lot of fun :)

Kirthi said...

I love the review, this book sounds like a cute, fun read!

Becky said...

This sounds like a good one for the school library. It isn't really my type of book but I know lots of girls that would enjoy it.

Nina said...

The book sounds fun to read. I like the title of it too, the secret crush :) I would love to give this to my nieces, they would adore it.

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