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Blog Tours: A Interview With Kitty Keswick

So I was lucky enough to have the chance to get to interview Kitty Keswick, thanks to her and Leap Books. The Book is out today, January 8th 2010. I have not read it yet, but will soon :) The Bio is below:

I didn't go looking for trouble, but it found me anyway... Too young to die. I had to act. I had to think. My pulse knocked hard. My brain wouldn’t function. This was all my fault…mine. I’d brought danger to Gillie with my stupid freakish gifts. If I’d never followed Josh, none of this would have happened. We would be safe in our boring routine. Josh’s lips would never have brushed mine. I’d never have known his love. My heart wouldn’t feel crammed beyond capacity. We wouldn’t be trapped in Bridges Auditorium with two crazed teenage werewolves…. Even with my dying breath, I wouldn’t veer from my heart. Death by wolves, bring it on.

1. How did you get the idea for Freaksville?

I have very vivid dreams, full color, sensory details…the whole nine yards. Which is fine if it’s a happy dream about fluffy bunnies or shoe shopping. If it’s a horror-type dream, well, I’ve woken up more than once feeling as if there were an ax murderer in my room.

As for Freaksville, I dreamt about Kasey and Gillie, her best friend. Over a series of nights, I listened to their conversation and made mental notes. I usually can tell if the dream will turn into a story, because most of the stories I’ve ever written started from dreams. Some, I was lucky enough to dream a lot about; some I just got a small tidbit, but it was enough to spark the idea. Freaksville dream plotting was in between. I started to write from the dream, and then the words just spewed forth. After I added the ghosts and other paranormal beasties, everything gelled.

2. If you were in Kasey's position would you like the sight? Or would you be like Kasey and want to give it up?

I’m sorta living through the that-which-does-not-kill-you-makes-you-stronger journey at the present. Right now, I’m not sure I’d want to be Freak Girl, because to paraphrase Spiderman, “with power comes great responsibility.” I think I’d side with Kasey on the no Freakfest. But, as with anything, once you learn to control things, they don’t seem as bad, and the problems become more manageable. So, if having visions when I touched something was what The Fates dished me, I’d learn to deal. Just like Kasey has to.

3. If you could date any supernatural being, what would he be?

That’s super easy! A werewolf! No cold dead things for me. *shiver* Sorry, Fang Boy, I’m nobody’s dinner or even a light snack.

4. Writing is hard work, and takes a lot of motivation. What keeps you motivated to keep writing?

The story. I like to see it finished. The characters. If I don’t work on the manuscript, they pester me anyway. So sometimes, I write so I have a peaceful sleep. My editor. She keeps me on my toes. My critique partners. They send emails if I’ve fallen off the grid. It’s a whole chain, and if one link breaks…well, I’m not one to tempt Fate, so I keep at it. Yeah, I have days where I stare at the computer screen and grumble, “I don’t want to do this.” Then I pop in a DVD of Supernatural, drool over Dean Winchester for a few hours, and get back to writing. Some days I can’t even muster that, so I’ll wait. Other days I’ll look up at the clock, and I’ve been at it for hours and forgotten to eat. So, it’s a weird process, but it works.

5. Healthy Food or Junk Food?

Err…okay, so I’m a bit of an oxymoron. I live for organic food. It’s an expensive habit, but I try really hard….BUT, I do jones for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or an extra cheesy pepperoni pizza oozing with just the right amount of yummy grease. When I’m editing, I like to have a bag of peanut M&M’s by my side…coupled with my green tea with organic sugar. Weird combo, I know. Maybe I should be studied by science???

6. Can you describe Freaksville in 5 words?And can you tell us why we should (be) read Freaksville?

Love, ghosts, hot guys, werewolves

If you like paranormal novels infused with humor and mystery, adore really kicking boots, love clothes, tend to write lists, see ghosts, drool over British hotties, have a best friend you’d die for, your parentals drive you bonkers, and high school is Freaksville because teenage werewolves roam the halls, then you’ll relate and have fun. I enjoyed writing Freaksville, and I hope everyone will enjoy reading it.

7. Do you have any advice to aspiring authors?

Keep at it. Learn to deal with rejection because everyone gets them. Become the rubber, not the glue, and don’t let the negative stick to you. Let it bounce off. READ. Write. READ. Repeat.

Thanks, I had fun! Kitty Keswick

-Thanks So Much Kitty for letting me interview you :)


Kitty Keswick
ISBN-13 978-1-61603-001-8
ISBN-10 1-61603-001-1

Book trailer:


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And if you haven’t already checked out my publisher’s site, it’s Leap Books. My book is available there for preorder (& at Amazon), but you can also read my free mini-book, My Prom Date’s a Vampire. Or one by Judith Graves, Old Flames Die Hard. Be sure to scroll down and then after you’ve clicked on the story, use your mouse to turn the pages by clicking on the corners.


Off topic but I have 2 reviews coming up (Mieradome and Shadowland)!!! They'll either both be later today or one of them will be today and then the other will be on Sunday. I haven't decided yet, but keeping checking back to see. I hope you enjoyed this post :)


Becky said...

I did indeed enjoy reading your interview with Kitty. Freakville sounds like a lot of fun.

Kitty Keswick said...

Thanks for the awesome interview!
You rock!

Nina said...

Great interview that you did with the author. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice interview. Drooling over British boys? Why yes!


Anonymous said...

I love the cover of this book. And Kitty - congratulations!

Lauren said...

Great interview! Freakville sounds like a great book!

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