Friday, April 30, 2010

Where Have I Been!!! Blog Aniversary!!

Today I sat in history class, thinking "Today's My First Blog Anniversary"! My blog is 1 years old. Usually (if I had a personal blog, or a activity) I would never last that long with something. I like change, but my blog grew and grew over the year. Which shows I love it. It was only last April, when I was eager to write my thoughts on my blog. And over the year I change my reivew (made it long, made it shorter, made it more quirkier), saved my money and bought a custom layout. Made many friends, and learn new things. I was asked by many wonderful authors to review they're amazing books. And in all of that, when I thought that in History all I could think back to my thought was: hmm (probably to do with the fact that we were talking about Mussolini & Adolf).

Over the past 2 weeks, I was majorly loosing interest in my blog. I think because I was letting my blog take over me and not me controlling my blog. I was pressure into, I guess, what you call a popularity contest. You see these types of blog post all over the blog sphere and you always think: that won't happen to me, but it does. I think as writers, you can be proud of your work but also intimidated by others. As bloggers your always trying to compete with others to make your blog known.

I was thinking over the last two weeks to just stop my blog, but I couldn't write that post. I felt ashamed if I did. I was even thinking: oh how about wait until summer and then try your blog again. But I can't do that!!

I can't stop book blogging, I just can't. Even if right now in school I have a really heavy load. I just can't!!

Today in my e-mail I got a really nice one. From someone who reads my blog. They said they missed my posts, and wished me a happy anniversary. I felt so happy, that I actually started to cry. Literally was bawling my eyes out.

So I'm not going to stop, I'm going to promise you that I will be here for year 2. But from now on , this blog does not control me: I control it. I won't be posting everyday (I'm in a high school's final month with a heavy load & finals) , but I will do as much as I can. I will still review all books that I get for review/and books I'm reading/bought/library as well, but I'm not going to put myself under a countdown/time limit.

I hope you all understand this!!! I will have a Blog Anniversary contest soon!!!
Yours Truly,


LM Preston said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!! *Happy Dance*

Nina said...

Happy Blog Aniversary. I'm glad that you decided to stay blogging, I really enjoy reading your reviews and I hope that you stay here (blogging) for a long time. :)

I'll join LM Preston for that happy dance!

Diana Dang said...

Happy blogoversary dear! Yea, last year of high school, especially the last month is hectic! Hope we can both pull through!

Christina/Book Addict said...

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you will be back for another year. I know it must be hard managing all your work and blogging. I admire you for that! :)

Kirthi said...

Happy Blogoversary! I can't stop book blogging either, the very thought of that is depressing :D

Manda (Manda's Movements) said...

Congratulations! I've been feeling stressed lately about the review books I've got to read but I realise I kind of like the pressure that comes with it and I love my blog. But it's still my blog so things will be done in my time. Only 3 months old but that's pretty good for my attention span. Glad you're staying around! Hope you go well at school :)

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