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Whats in my Mail Box (Wk 14)

For Review
In My Mailbox was started by Kristi over at The Story Siren! In My Mailbox is a way to share the books you received each week.
My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm fifteen, and I would love to be normal.
But normal is one thing I'm not.
For one thing, I'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother—who just happens to be a sorcerer—but, between you and me, I'm leaning toward the werewolf.
Not normal.
My friends and I are also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us—permanently.
Definitely not normal.
And finally, I'm a genetically altered necro-mancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.
As far away from normal as it gets.
Mason has never known his father, but longs to. All he has of him is a DVD of a man whose face is never seen, reading a children’s book. One day, on a whim, he plays the DVD for a group of comatose teens at the nursing home where his mother works. One of them, a beautiful girl, responds. Mason learns she is part of a horrible experiment intended to render teenagers into autotrophs—genetically engineered, self-sustaining life-forms who don’t need food or water to survive. And before he knows it, Mason is on the run with the girl, and wanted, dead or alive, by the mysterious mastermind of this gruesome plan, who is simply called the Gardener.
Will Mason be forced to destroy the thing he’s longed for most?


When Wayland North brings rain to a region that's been dry for over ten years, he's promised anything he'd like as a reward. He chooses the village elder's daughter, sixteen-year-old Sydelle Mirabel, who is a skilled weaver and has an unusual knack for repairing his magical cloaks. Though Sydelle has dreamt of escaping her home, she's hurt that her parents relinquish her so freely and finds herself awed and afraid of the slightly ragtag wizard who is unlike any of the men of magic in the tales she's heard. Still, she is drawn to this mysterious man who is fiercely protective of her and so reluctant to share his own past.
The pair rushes toward the capital, intent to stop an imminent war, pursued by Reuel Dorwan (a dark wizard who has taken a keen interest in Sydelle) and plagued by unusually wild weather. But the sudden earthquakes and freak snowstorms may not be a coincidence. As Sydelle discovers North's dark secret and the reason for his interest in her and learns to master her own mysterious power, it becomes increasingly clear that the fate of the kingdom rests in her fingertips. She will either be a savior, weaving together the frayed bonds between Saldorra and Auster, or the disastrous force that destroys both kingdoms forever.

This is a really, really addicting book. You seriously can't put it down!!!

Seventeen-year-old Ellie Spencer is just like any other teenager at her boarding school. She hangs out with her best friend Kevin, she obsesses over Mark, a cute and mysterious bad boy, and her biggest worry is her paper deadline.
But then everything changes. The news headlines are all abuzz about a local string of serial killings that all share the same morbid trademark: the victims were discovered with their eyes missing. Then a beautiful yet eerie woman enters Ellie's circle of friends and develops an unhealthy fascination with Kevin, and a crazed old man grabs Ellie in a public square and shoves a tattered Bible into her hands, exclaiming, "You need it. It will save your soul." Soon, Ellie finds herself plunged into a haunting world of vengeful fairies, Maori mythology, romance, betrayal, and an epic battle for immortality.


-Beautiful Creatures Unlock The Curse Challenge Runner Up Prize (BC Stick, BC tag, Ethan's Playlist, 2 photos & 2 candies) Thanks To Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.

Which Greek god makes the best parent? Would you want to be one of Artemis' Hunters? Why do so many monsters go into retail--and why are they never selling anything a demigod really wants?
Spend a little more time in Percy Jackson's world--a place where the gods bike among us, monsters man snack bars and each of us has the potential to become a hero.
Find out:
* Why Dionysus might actually be the best director Camp Half-Blood could have * How to tell a monster when you see one * Why even if we aren't facing manticores and minotaurs, reading myths can still help us deal with the scary things in our own lives
PLUS, consult our glossary of people, places and things from Greek myth: how Medusa got her snake hair extensions, why Chiron isn't into partying and paintball like the rest of his centaur family and the whole story on Percy's mythical namesake (could it hold clues to Percy's fate?).
Rick Riordan is the No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and two sons.

I don't know who this is from. Whether it's for review or I won it from a contest, but thanks :) I love Percy Jackson
Yours Truly,


Shy said...

OMG! Maura, the list looks incredible. I especially looking forward to read Brightly Woven myself so I hope you enjoy reading that one. Hope that you have a great day today! Till later =)

Tori [Book Faery] said...

Jeez lotsa books there. Lucky you :)

Can't wait to hear what you think about The Reckoning and Guardian of the Dead!

ck.twilighter said...

The Reckoning!? Wicked Cool!! I can;t wait to read your thoughts!=)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I got The Gardener too. Doesn't it sound amazing?! Happy reading!

Nina said...

Great books you got this week. I hope you enjoy them all. I really am curious about your reviews for .. well all of them. :)
Happy easter!

Jami said...

Ooh, lots of good looking books! Happy Reading :)

Diana Dang said...

Awesome stuff, enjoy!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

OO BC Swag! I won a loot of that a couple months ago. Love the pic!

And I think you got the last book from a contest I held, lol

the story siren said...

oh wow, what awesome books! so want the reckoning! hope you enjoy them all! love the prize pack too! happy reading!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Wow, you definitely had a great book week too, yay! Happy reading now! :D

Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

You got amazing ones. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear what you think of The Reckoning.

Maria the Bookworm said...

I'm jealous! Anyway, enjoy your books :D

Sarah said...

Great selection this week :o) I really want to read Reckoning! Hope you have a great week!

StephTheBookworm said...

I love that you got a random book in the mail. How fun! lol.

Lizzy said...

Wow, there's a bunch of great books! I can't wait for The Reckoning, and I'll be checking back to see what you think of Guardian of the Dead

Manda (Manda's Movements) said...

All great looking books! I think I'll be starting Guardian of the Dead. I keep hearing mixed reviews so it's time to decide for myself. Here's mine :)

Lori said...

Nice bundle of books this week. I hope that you will enjoy your books.

Catherine (On The Nightstand) said...

Yes, you got Guardian of the Dead! It's an amazing book. :D

Addicted Book Reader said...

Great books this week and maybe you won it from TeenLibris? I know they were giving it away, but anyways random surprises are always fun : )

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