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Christmas Surprise!!!! Interview with Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Author of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!! So if you read my Weekly Gobble, you might remember that I have a Christmas Surprise, well here it is. What better way to celebrate Christmas then having a interview with the authors who created, in my opinion, the best book of 2009. If you haven't already read this book, then I suggest picking it up and reading it over the holiday break cause it's a perfect read. Or if you have read it and are looking for the perfect holiday gift then how about Beautiful Creatures? If you would like to see my review then click here!!! Thanks so much to Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl for letting me interview them :) Enjoy everyone, and have a Merry Christmas.

1.) I've always been interested in finding out this, but when you both wrote Beautiful Creatures, how did you write it? Did one of you do one chapter and then the other did the next?

K: We passed every chapter back and forth, cutting everything we hated and adding things we liked. We were merciless with each other, and what remained on the page is what we both agreed upon. By the end, we don’t even know who wrote what. Neither do our editors.
M: The second book, which we just finished, was no different. We wrote the original draft incredibly quickly, and then edited for months and months. Our editors at Little, Brown – Julie Scheina and Jen Hunt – are a key part of the process, which really is collaborative.

2) Beautiful Creatures reminded me a lot of Romeo and Juliet and I'm wondering if you used that as an inspiration or an idea starter for the book? Also were there any books that you both read that help you either write, Beautiful Creatures, or inspired you to write?

K: I think Romeo and Juliet is sort of a backdrop to any modern story of star-crossed lovers, but we never talked about it that way. We did think a lot about To Kill A Mockingbird, and the classic Southern Gothics of Anne Rice, who basically invented the modern American supernatural romance.

M: All sorts of books influenced us – between the characters of Marian, Macon, Lena, and Ethan, you can see lines from so many of our favorite – and their favorite – books. Kami and I really are readers who like to write about readers!

3) I'm curious to know if Uncle Macon has ever seen Lena's room? And if so, what does he think of all the writing on the wall?

K: He probably doesn’t want to be in Lena’s room any more than she would want him to be in there. Macon has never raised a child – let alone a teen girl. He assumes nothing, and approaches the whole thing from a safe distance.

M: Even if he did see it, he couldn’t say a thing. You can only imagine what’s on his walls!

4) Are you excited that your film has been optioned by Warner Brothers? I know that you probably won't get to choose the casting, but if you could pick who would play Ethan and Lena who would you choose?

K: We’re excited about Warner Brothers, because they have such a great track record, and I’m a huge fan of The Dark Knight! We also have so much respect for Richard LaGravenese, who will adapt the book. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is in great hands. I don’t think a lot about casting, but the fans on the fansite do. My favorite so far is Famke Jannsen as Sarafine.

M: We’re also terrible at casting our own characters, because Ethan and Lena are like real people to us. We love hearing your ideas, though! One fan said Finn from Glee, but to me he’s more of a Link.

5) How are you like Ethan/Lena and how are you different?
K: I am socially less of a pleaser than Ethan, but I do like to read as much as he does and I’m fiercely loyal. I spent my years writing poetry in journals like Lena, but I have no other powers to speak of.

M: I am as big of a conformist as Ethan at the start of the book; I’m not brave at all! And I love to read and write like Lena.

6) I heard that this will be a start of a series of five books, and I'm wondering if you could tell us anything about the next book?

K: Book 2 will be full of surprises. I won’t say much more than that.
M: We have a lot of story to tell, and we’ll keep telling it as long as readers are interested.

7) Do you have any pre-writing traditions that you need to do before you begin writing?

K: Yes. Suffering for 37 years.
M: Thinking up something to write.
8) Do you have any advice for inspiring authors?

K: Tell the story you want to tell, and don’t give up.
M: Don’t take any advice from writers.
K: Except me… J * :) *

9) Please, could you describe Beautiful Creatures in three words.

K: Mysterious. Dark. Romance.
M: Beauty. Full. Creatures.

10) Last but no least, is there anything else you would like to say?

K: I’m so happy Lena and Ethan’s story is hitting home with readers. They’re really two of our best friends.
M: Outside of us!

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