Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Author Interview With Carolyn MacCullough

So this week I was lucky enough to get to do my first interview for, Monster Of Books. I got to do my interview with the talented writer, Carolyn MacCullough, who wrote the book Once a Witch. If you want, you can check out the review here
!!! Thank you so much Carolyn MacCullough for letting me do this interview with you :)

1) How did you get the idea for Once a Witch?

By trying to become a runner! And you should know I hate running or exercise of any kind. But nevertheless, a couple years ago, I decided to become a jogger. So everyday I went running in my neighborhood in Brooklyn and to distract myself from the agony of exercise, I would study all the beautiful brownstones. One of them had a little stone gargoyle that sat out front and he always seemed to be grinning at me. And I used to wonder what stories he could tell if only he could talk. Then I started wondering about a character who had the magical Talent to make inanimate objects come to life. And then I started thinking about a character who didn't have any magical abilities whatsoever, but she just happened to be born into a family where everyone did. And that was how I discovered my main character, Tamsin Greene.

By the way, I never did manage to become a runner.

2) Tamsin is such a realistic character, someone who many people can relate to. Did you base her or other characters off of anybody you knew?
I think I always base my characters off bits and parts of people I know as well as myself. But I also always try to make my characters say and do things that I probably would never say or do. It's more fun that way.

3) I was reading your about page on your website and it says you've always loved to read, is there any book(s) in particular that really have inspired you or have held a special place in your heart?
Oh, so many! I do love Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword and also The Hero and the Crown. And Patricia McKillip's Winter Rose. I've read those three books countless times.

4) Do you have any pre-writing traditions?
Like something that you do before you write each day. I always make a cup of tea or coffee. Lately, I also make a serious wish that my baby girl will stay asleep for a good two hours (since I write during her nap times!)

5) Do you have any advice for people who love writing or wish to be a writer when they grow up?
Yes! Read and write--two very simple things to do, plus they're both free. The more you read and the more you write the better a writer you'll become.

Thanks so much,

Thank you so much Carolyn MacCullough. I highly recommend anyone to read, Once a Witch. And until next time, this is Monster Of Books :)


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