Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Gobble Fest (Wk. 6) + Blog Awards

Weekly Gobble Fest
Monster Of Books Related News

After a bit of hiatus I am back :) And Currently running 2 contests. One is international, and one is for US/Canadians. The first one is the 100 Followers Giveaway , where you can win A copy of The Dark Divine & a Dark Divine inspired notebook. The second contest,The Iron King Giveaway is open to only Canadians & U.S people, and you can win a copy of Julie Kagawa's The Iron King.

This Week I reviewed Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Up next will be Poison Study by Maria Snyder & The Iron King by Julia Kagawa.

Currently I'm reading The Iron King by Julia Kagawa & Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire.

YA Blogging Community

The Book Cellar is having a Blogaversary giveaway!! This Week Is A Vampire Pack. To Check it out, Click Here!!

Pure Imagination is having a V-Day Book Giveaway. To enter, then Check It Out Here!!

Author Kelly Morgan is giving away a Free Copy Of Larissa's Book. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Princess Bookie did a review of Robin Palmer's Little Miss Red. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

The Under Cover Book Lover did a review of Jillian Cantor's The Life Of Glass. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Squeaky Books did a review of Rachel Vincent's My Soul To Save. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Eleni @ La Femme Readers interviewed Brian Katcher, author of almost perfect. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Book Journal interviewed Susan Beth, author of Moon Crash series. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Ellz Readz interviewed Dakota Cassidy, author of The Accidental Romance series. To Check It Out, Click Here!!

Book Trailers & Book Covers

This is the sequel to Immortal by Gillian Shields. I didn't like the first one, but am hoping the sequel will be better or surpass it :)

I have not read the first book of this series yet, but it's on my TBR list. I love the cover, it's so pretty.

Again, I have not read Hunger Games but I'm looking forward to. I love the cover of this one, and probably half the book community has seen this cover already.


Thanks to Lisette @T.V And Book Addict !! So I have to say 7 things about myself & then pass it on to 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

1. I can speak, read, and write in Japanese. I'm not fluent, but at a advance level. I do enjoy translating some of my favorites books in English, from Japanese to English.
2. I have been to Japan, Hawaii, Los Angelas, and a few places in Canada.
3. I'm working hard in School so I can go on a exchange in 2011.
4. I'm in love with Logan Lerman who played Percy in Percy Jackson Movie.
5. I had a real vivid dream, and I'm currently writing out as a story. I tried not writing it out, and I had another dream of my characters getting mad at me.
6. My First Kiss came from my best guy friend, who still my best guy friend.
7. When I'm sad, I write poetry...on my wall. No joke.

Now I will pass this on to....

1. Stephanie @ Juicilliciousss
2.Nayu's Reading Corner
3. Faye @ Ramblings Of A Teenage Bookworm
4. Dahlia @ The Book Shopaholic
5. Reggie @ The Undercover Book Lover
6. Rundpinne
7. Cheryl @ Just Your Typical Book Blog

If anyone has any reviews, contests, interesting ideas, interviews they want me to post up here then just e-mail me at ! Remember that it has to do with book related material (book to movie adaptions count). I hope every enjoyed my weekly gobble.

Your Truly,


choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Ooh, fun, reading The Iron King! :D

Great post, thanks for all the contest links & blogosphere updates :)

And congrats on the awards!

Lauren said...

I love the cover of The Hunted and Mockingjay! Oh, and congrats on your award. :)

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