Sunday, November 29, 2009

Someone interviewed me :)

So Yesterday Kirthi from Pages contacted me and ask if I would be willing to do a interview for her site. I was so excited and happy that she asked me this. I've never been asked to do a interview before so I said yes. I answered her questions and now on her site the interview is up. If you would like to check it out, then go here !!! Also I highly recommend checking out Kirthi site because it's amazing :) yay, now I'm in squealish-kind of mood :)

Other News
So I finally got the list of all the book reviews up, if you would like to check it out then click "Reviews" on the links by the header. I'll have the "About me" page, and other pages up soon. :)


Kirthi said...

Thanks, I'm so glad I made you squealish! I'm glad you allowed me to interview you

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