Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm not dead!!!

Hello everyone,
I'm not dead!!! I'm very much alive, I just haven't been able to update my site in a while. I've had a lot of homework and other stuff to deal with in the past week so I've kind of fallen behind. But don't worry, new reviews will be up soon :) I'm also thinking of having some contests so look out for that.

OH BY THE WAY, DID YOU SEE? DID YOU SEE??? I got my own custom made template :) It looks fabulous and it's made by Linda @ Berries and Cream !!! I'm going to put up there button and my grab button soon. I'll also add some links on the top when I get around to it. But I hope you like it :) Anyways have a good weekend everyone


Kirthi said...

Yay! you're not dead after all!
I love your new template, but I sort of miss the old one, for it was the template I had first seen when I first visited your blog. But this one is good to!

How do you pronounce your name again? Is it "Mare" like a horse, or is it "Mo-ya" or "ma-IRE"? Either of those ways, I think you have a gorgeous name :)

Book Monster said...

Thank you so much!!!
My name is pronounce Laura, but instead of a L it's a M. So pronounce M sound instead of L. A lot of people get it confused with Mora. My name is Irish and it's the Irish version of Mary. But the Irish spell my name Maire. But my parents thought that be to confusing for others so they name me after the pronunciation, Maura.

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