Sunday, November 8, 2009

Invisible Line By Mary Amato Review #22

Author: Mary Amato
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Pages: 299
Released: November 24th, 2009
An upbeat teen with a talent for drawing and soccer who hails from the wrong side of the tracks learns to bloom where he's planted. When seventh grader Trevor moves to the trashy Hedley Gardens project with his single-parent mom and younger siblings, he decides "it's going to be my year." Entering a new school in a rich neighborhood, Trevor is accidently placed in an advanced science class. Encouraged by the eccentric teacher to discover the world of mushrooms, Trevor applies humor and evasive tactics to fit in. He draws original designs on his classmates' shoes, and he tries out for an elite soccer team knowing he can't pay the fees. However, Trevor's plans for success derail after the star soccer player sabotages him. Narrating in the present tense, Trevor instantly engages readers with a resilient and infectious can-do attitude that eventually enables him to turn the tables on his rival. Amato's mushroom metaphor aptly fits her young hero, who emerges from unpromising surroundings by following his mom's advice "to rise above it."
Thanks to Beth from Good Man Media ! I got to read a ARC of Invisible Lines By Mary Amato. WOW am I glad that Beth contacted me at first I was very iffy because it didn't seem like my type of book, also it's rated for younger kids not teens, but once I started reading I forgot all my worries. I mean I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR YOUNGER KIDS AND TEENS A ND EVEN ADULTS. I mean the book is such a realistic view of the world. It has realstic dialogue too. Mary Amato tackles a lot of issues that are big in our world. For example: Bullying, not getting everything we want, domestic violence, and ect. This book was simply amazing. It's fast paced and is funny. Trevor is a very relatable character, he has problems that most of us face: trying to fit in and not having a dad around 24/7. Trevor learns that it doesn't matter if your rich or poor or where you come from. Also you shouldn't judge people on status either. I'd probably could write 10 pages of what I liked but you guys probably would get bored so all I'm going to say is I seriously recommend this book. I had a bad week this week, mainly bullying issues, so when I read Trevor's story I could relate to Trevor somewhat and I really liked his mother's advice to raise above it. The next time I face my bulliers I'm going to raise above it. The only complaints I have is I wish they could of had less science stuff *even though I do realize that was a main part in the story* because I'm not smart in that area so it was hard to keep up and understand it. The other thing I wish the bullying could of started earlier between Xander and Trevor then later. That all I have to complain about. Now who is going to read Invisible Line when it comes out?


Maria said...

Sounds good :)

Kirthi said...

I just realized you changed your template! It's creative and fashionable, I love it!

P.S. Trevor reminds me of trembling and Neville Longbottom's frog... :D

Kirthi said...

Also, thanks for reviewing Immortal, I've read it and posted my own review on my blog. Thank you so much, I enjoyed it :)

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