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The Silver Blade By Sally Gardner ----Review #4

Author: Sally Gardner
Publisher: Orion Children's Books

With Sido safely in England and the Terror at it's height, Yann returns to France to smuggle out aristocratic refugees who will otherwise face the guillotine. But when Sido is kidnapped, he must use all his strength and courage to outwit the evil Count Kalliovski, and rescue her for a second time. (From

The blade of the guillotine falls on the neck of the King himself, and the spirit of the French Revolution lies in tatters. The Reign of Terror has begun. Yann Margoza, the mysterious young man known as the magician, is helping desperate people to escape to London, where Sido, the girl he loves, waits to hear from him. But Yann's past haunts him. He is in grave danger, and so is Sido. For under the streets of Paris, in the catacombs, the howl of a great beast can be heard. And a boy with angelic looks and an evil heart is ready to do the bidding of a man who has made a pact with the devil. (From The Back Cover Of The Book)

The sequel to the amazing 'The Red Necklace' was pretty good but not as good as the original. I didn't find this book slow at all, it was fast pace and like the first one the writing was brilliant and vivid and will draw you in with every word you read. What made it not so good as the original was I felt some characters who are newly introduced into the series really didn't have time to develop through the whole book so I was disappointed with that. I didn't enjoy the ending and thought it could of ended a bit differently and had more action in it. My favorite character, Sido, was not really in the book until the ending of it which was a bit disappoint. The nice thing about Sido and Yann is they remind me of Romeo and Juliet, but I won't tell you if they have a tragic ending or a a happily ever after ending.
The last thing that bothered me is some parts were down right confusing. This isn't a big thing because the parts that were confusing you'd usually figure out later on your own or you just keep reading. I also was kind of disappointed with myself because I don't know much about the French Revolution so a lot of information about the French Revolution in here, other then the prisions, guillotine, and that a lot of rich people were killed, made little sense to me. But because I don't know about the French Revolution, this book makes me want to learn about this.
I must say, if you've read The Red Necklace then you don't want to miss this amazing sequel. I knew the instances I found out that their was a sequel I had to read it and I wasn't disappoint (except for the ending). I urge readers who haven't read this series by Sally Gardner to read the 'The Red Necklace' or for those who have read it to read The Silver Blade.
By the way, why I put two bios up there is because I couldn't decide which one to pick. Also in my opinion I believe for those who haven't read The Red Necklace to read it first because I really can't see people who haven't read the first one to read this one and understand. Like you'd probably understand whats going on this book but some of the stuff that happens in the last book continue in this book. I won't say anymore, anyways I hope you enjoy this review and will go read The Red Necklace and The Silver Blade.


Kirthi said...

I thought most of the Red Necklace was confusing, I'm disappointed to hear that this was confusing too!
Great review!

rem said...

great review!!! I did't know this book

~*Ruby*~ said...

awesome, another historical fiction book! :)

never knew about this one until you reviewed it. many thanks!

Thuy said...

Thanks for the review. I'm so happy to have bought a copy of The Red Necklace - it was one great book.
Hopefully, I won't be disappointed in this sequel.

brizmus said...

So sad that some of the new characters didn't really get a chance to develop so much. :-( And that it was slightly confusing. I've heard great things about the Red Necklace, so I was hoping this would be great as well!

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