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The Red Necklace, Sally Gardner, Review

While the aristocracy dine, dance, gossip and gamble their way to disaster, the poor and starving dream of revolution.Enter the boy Yann Margoza, destined to be a hero; Tetu the dwarf, his friend and mentor; Sido, unloved daughter of the foolish Marquis de Villeduval; and the sinister Count Kalliovski, who holds half the aristocracy in thrall to him. The drama moves from Paris to London and back, as the Revolution gathers momentum, and the hope of liberty and the dream of equality are crushed beneath the wheel of terror.

From Back of the book 'The Red Necklace' by Sally Gardner

What truly got me interested in the book was the cover and the bio on the back, but after reading it the bio isn't good enough to explains how beautiful and and amazing this book is. I don't think any bio could. The words are smooth and wonderfully described. You feel as if you really there in Paris or London during the French Revolution. The book has everything from Murder, Magic, romances, history.
The things I absolutely adored with this book is the characters and how they're developed. I mean Count Kalliovski is truly evil and Marquis De Villeduval is totally oblivious and greedy. My favorite characters were Sido and Yann. For some reason they reminded me a lot of Romeo and Juliet.
The words were written with care and love because you feel a lot of emotion towards this book and could see every minute of it in your mind. Some of the plot twists were predicable but that didn't stop the beating in my heart as all the adventure scenes and exciting moments came along.
Some of the disappointing things in the book is some chapters are slow to read and that some of things happening in the book are predicable. Also I've seen numerous covers of this book and I must say that this book is aimed at both girls and boys. Don't judge the cover nor the bio by this extraordinary book.

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

--Paperback,Orion Children Books, 2007


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