Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow Friday #2

Follow Friday is a book meme done by AlisonCanRead Parajunkee. It's a weekly blog hop. 

Q: You are a matchmaker -- your goal, hook up two characters from two of your favorite books. Who would it be? How do you think it would go?

My t wo favourite book series are The Infernal Devices & The Mortal Instruments. Both written by the wonderful Cassandra Clare. So I am going to keep this within the shadow world except from two different series and time periods.

So I decided to choose Tessa from the Infernal Devices and Jace from The Mortal Instruments. I think, more or less, it would be both funny and entertaining to see these two hit it off. Mainly because Tessa has already dealt with one Herondale so why not throw another one at her. 

I mean it probably impossible, however since Tessa is immortal and does appear, briefly, in the Mortal Instrument series it is possible---far fetch--however it is do able. 

I really just want a scene in the six instalment of The Mortal Instrument series where Tessa shows up and is confronted by Jace and be like "Oh no!! Another Herondale" and then to be like giving Clary love advice and future warnings about stuff. Also to give Clary advice on how to handle the duck phobia both boys seem to have obtained =D 

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