Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello everyone ~~~

Greetings from  Tokyo!!! The above picture is how Tokyo looked in April (Sakura--Cherry Blossoms) and how I wished it would look now (Tokyo is currently in the midst of the rainy season)

My study abroad to Japan is coming to an end :( 1 year has flown by like the speed of light and it is soon time to pack up and return home to Canada. I have over a month and half left of my exchange!! That is all!!

With my exchange wrapping up I have decided to start up book blogging. I have been gone these past two years due to my exchange in Taiwan (2011-2012) and Tokyo (2013-2014).  I have not stopped reading or stopped loving YA.

However, I feel it is best--with me coming back to the book blogging community--to start a new. This means I have created a new book blogging website.

I will no longer blog from Monster of Books. I have always love this site since I started in 2009. However, I feel it time (with me growing older) to start something new.


I will now blog from YA Addict~~~ I am an addict of young adult novels and I wish to express that through book blogging. 

Thanks so much ^^ 

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