Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review Policy

Dear Authors,Publishers, and Publicists,

Welcome to Monster Of Books, and to the review policy section. If you would like me to review a book, do a give away, participate in a blog tour, interview a author, or anything else related to books then please contact me at!! I would also love it if you wouldn't mind reading my review policy (down below). Thanks so much,

Monster Of Books

What Genres I like:
Currently I am in love with urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal and dystopian novels. However, I also like reading things out of the genres I am in love with.

What I accept
I accept anything in the YA area, seeing as this is a YA book review site. Though I'm willing to accept accept adult fiction books.

I would be honored to accept published or ARC books. I will also take into consideration E-books however, I am a bigger fan of print.

What I can promise!!!

Books that I receive for review are always #1 on my reading list. I can't guarantee that all books I receive for review will be reviewed.
I would like to publish my reviews of the book, closer to the publishing date (if it's a ARC) but if you would like it earlier then that I'll be happy to post it.

What I can't promise!!
Is that I'll like the book. I don't like giving negative reviews, but as a reviewer it's my duty to be totally honest to people and say my opinion. Remember that the review will just be my opinion, one persons opinion isn't the same as the next person. I've rarely ever gave a negative review, and books that I didn't enjoy but still thought was good usually get a 3 stars.


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