Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1

Decided to try out April's (Good Books and Good Wine) 15 day book blogger challenge. 

Make 15 Book Related Confessions
1. I tend to, while reading books, take quick peeps at whats happening later on in the novel. This is a bad habit I have developed :( 

2. I avoid ebooks at all cost. I will read them sometimes...but most often if I do not have a physical copy in my hands then I won't matter how much I am dying to read it. 

3. I love books that involve the modern world...but have paranormal or fantasy (ex; Mortal Instruments, Fallen series, etc;)  thrown in. I rarely read books that are just based on life & everyday problems. 

4. I love romance...but I do not like reading books solely on it. 

5. This summer I seem to be addicted to dystopians :D 

6.  Also, this summer, I seemed to be addicted to paperback books vs hardcover. 

7.  I use the bookstore much more then the library. 

8. I rarely read books with boy's pov and where the each chapter is a different character's pov. However I love third person POV.

9. I love VICTORIAN era settings =D The Infernal Devices :D 

10.  I have such a big TBR pile T_T I feel absolutely depressed looking at it. It keeps growing and growing even when I read from it. 

11.  I can rarely push through novels that it is not to my liking. When I read a novel and it is not to my liking I will either stop reading it or waiting a few months before picking it up again.   

12. I am a huge fan of anything by Cassandra Clare. I often reread The Mortal Instrument and The Infernal Devices. 

13. I love cocky, arrogant and bad-boy guys in YA. 

14. JemXTessa, ClaryxJace

15. books that insert others languages intrigue me :D 

What's your book related confessions??


Hira Mushtaq said...

I do that first one too! And then I'm like "Oh, I shouldn't have!".
I can see most of your confessions go on me too! :P Like the ebooks thing and the romance thing and the boys thing.. :P
I use the bookstore more too, but that's because we don't have many libraries where I live. And the ones we have don't have YA books..
Well, I loved reading your confessions! They're really interesting! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :D

Amanda Cobb said...

#1 - tsk tsk. Haha. I get tempted to do this sometimes, but I resist!

#3 - I'm the same way. I rarely read books that are set in completely realistic modern times. I'm an escapist reader - I like me some fantasy and paranormal and weirdness!

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