Monday, March 29, 2010

Winner of 50th Review Giveaway

Congratulations are in order for....


She is the winner of HourGlass By Claudia Gray. I have sent a e-mail to her and if she doesn't respond in the next 72 hours, I will be force to pick a new winner. Thanks to everyone who entered, and stick around for upcoming contests. Especially with April being my Blog Anniversary.

Tomorrow I'll have The Awakening By Kelly Armstrong review up :)
Yours Truly,


Kirthi said...

congratulations! What's funny is that Bianca is the name of the main character (I think...) and Bianca is the name of the winner :D

Pretty name, by the way!

Lizzy said...

Congrats Bianca!

Bere said...

Congratulations Bianca! =)

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